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Melissa on Reflect or Reset?
Great depth of feild.

Melissa on Tea
Very nice. I love the little kitten curled up. I love tea too!!!

MEC on Hides

MEC on Shapes
shapes, an excellent image of a juicy pear.

JCJ on Happy New Year 2011!
Happy new year ! (great capture of the fireworks, bravo)

flyingwind风飞扬 on Happy New Year 2011!
Excellent! Happy new year!

Katalog Stron on Happy New Year 2011!
nice shot,wish all the best and Happy New Year

Dolors on Reflect or Reset?

Curly on Reflect or Reset?
Lovely antiques! Wishing you all best wishes and a prosperous New Year.

Mary on Joy to the World
Merry Christmas !!

Bill Brown on I Still Believe in You!
Wonderful! Merry Christmas!

klauSZ on Give Love for Christmas Day
I took the time fo a closer look! what for a great composition!!! it is so full of mood! extraordinary! wish you merry ...

Shahryar on Somewhere in the Night
beautiful capture :)

Shahryar on Home for the Holidays
beautiful :)

Tulip on Blue Christmas
very good colors

Tulip on Glory Breaks
very beautiful i like it

Tulip on Walking in a Winter Wonderland
very nice photo

MyTime Photography on The Warmth of Love
Very nice Christmas display

Garfield on Sparkle Bright
Unique capture, with lovely reflection and I like the diagonal line

Tulip on Star of Wonder
nce photo

taammons on Notes
This looks very out of focus on here :-(

Curly on Pessimist
Of course, but most pessimists would spot the noose hanging over the arch :-)

Ioanaz on Red
wow, i love your shot and DOF, very beautiful!!!

JCJ on Storehouse
nicely textured, an interesting low contrast of colors and tones jc

Curly on Preserve
Love the richness of the tones, especially in the wood.

Jojigirl on Thankful Thoughts
oh! such elegance!

Chacha on Warmed
A beautiful photo!

Franz on Saint
this saint looks like an alien! but whatever, the photo is marvellous, with its colors and the texture of the wood. ...

Geofo on Right
Great texture. Love the angle adds a nice emphasis to your shot.

Geofo on Doorway
Great contrast between the two scenes. Excellent shot!

MARIANA on Tradition & Innovation
very pretty compo . love these tones.

elleven on Doorway
Wow! want to see the whole thing now! like a secret garden on the other side? **nice one.

Geofo on Weathered
Great texture. Love this one!

Geofo on Brighten
Nice series. Very well done!

LauraS on Brighten
Love this triple view. Very colorful.

Tulip on Brighten

Paul on Weathered
Very nice

mimicy on Venturing
une jolie fleur bien présentée .... félicitations

zecarlos on Wishes
Nice styles and presentation.

flyingwind风飞扬 on Wishes
love these different styles!

myky on Wishes
Very nice...the first one is my favorite with the horiz. bands of green

sunstone_maria on Frame
I love the processing! Amazing effects, great colors! LOVE IT!

myky on Frame
Such a warmth from the texture and colour...a lovely composition

Olivier on Heart Trouble
beautiful colors !

Curly on Lift
I like your balloons, nicely presented too.

Marie LC on Single Soul
Very nice light

Garfield on Teamwork

myky on Heartfelt
Such an unusual result...very dramatic

LauraS on Graceful
Ah, beautiful composition, great and perfect flight. Nicely shared.

Curly on Clearly
Impressive clarity and transparency, I like the strong clear message too.

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